Still fun one month later

I’ve spent a month with the Green Machine and I’m still having a good amount of fun with it. I split the week with my other bike so it doesn’t feel too lonely, but I’m trying to give the Brammo enough opportunity to prove itself to be a reliable commute for city dwellers like myself.

The cons of riding an all electric bike aren’t piling up like I expected. There are downsides, of course, but it regularly proves itself to be a perfect option for someone “just trying to get around.”

In San Francisco, anything involving two legs or two wheels is much better and more efficient than anything involving four. They say that there is one parking space for every six vehicles here. That, combined with the high gas prices and expensive car maintenance costs, provides the perfect reason to ride a bicycle or motorcycle.

This is where I think the Enertia is going to find their biggest success. Granted, the up front costs are slightly high for a motorcycle in this range (Brand new, my SV650 was almost $2,000 less), but the ease of use combined with the extremely low operating costs make this an appealing bike. I find it easier to operate than the average scooter, primarily because of its larger wheel base and comfortable sitting position. Yes, it’s heavier than a little scoot, but any rider would get use to it quickly.

On an average bike you also have the ability to engine brake, something you don’t have the luxury of doing on the Enertia. When you take your hand off the throttle it still goes, slowing down only slightly. Your only choice is to lean on the brakes for reducing your speed. The rear brake is a little lazy but the front brake is solid and only needs a little feathering.

The throttle itself is a little sticky, which partially contributes to the issue with slowing down after you take your hand off. Regardless, any rider with a slight amount of experience can compensate for these issues and adjust your riding accordingly. Also, when you go over some bumps in the road, you’ll find it’s extremely comfortable to stand on the foot pegs. Give it a try, it’ll make you want to ride that way the entire time.

All in all, I’m still having a good time with it. It’s easy and fun. Oddly, it gets more attention than a Ducati Panigali right now, so be prepared for stares and questions at each stoplight.

More updates to come…

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