Videos and Bikes

SOURCE: The New York Times

There’s a little video going around on the interwebs that discusses the benefits of using a camera on your bicycle. Recently, there have been a few cases, just in my area alone, where a car has targeted a bicyclist and footage of their license plates have been caught.

I’m not much of a bicyclist, in fact, I just learned how to ride a few years ago (I know, I know; how does a motorcyclist not know how to ride a bike. Answer = motorcycles don’t have pedals). Despite that fact, my daily commute is full of potential life risks. Every driver in San Francisco seems to be preoccupied, angry, looking for parking, or just confused by our streets. I ride with my GoPro every once in a while, but have a feeling that it might end up a daily companion for those just-in-case moments. Consider it part of your insurance package.

In the meantime, wear ALL THE GEAR ALL THE TIME (ATGATT).

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