Balancing Risk with Safety – Evening at Stanford

I spent the evening at Stanford’s new Automotive Innovation Facility, listening in on Diego Rodriguez’ interview with Lucio Cecchinello and Stefan Bradl. I attended with Jensen Beeler of Asphalt & Rubber fame, and ran into quite a number of people in the motorcycle circles I run in. We all sat down and waited for the evening’s guest to take the stage.

Most motorcycle racers are quite small and these two gentlemen were no exception. By the time they took a seat on the stage, they dropped out of site. Fortunately, the tech running the web video stream was sitting next to me.

Instead of boring you with any details, I’ll let you watch the video below. It’s well paced and worth sitting for the entire piece. Bradl is surprisingly witty and funny, while Diego keeps the pace steady and easy to follow.


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