Vice Magazine Loves MotoGP

Vice Magazine, purveyor of hipster fashion advice and NSFW feature articles, has published a compelling call to arms for future MotoGP fans.

My obsession for motorcycle racing runs deep. I enjoy the politics, the technology, the tracks, the tires, and of course the racing. There’s no roll cage, just a rider and their suit, wresting a motorcycle into twists and turns at unimaginable speeds. Frankly, NASCAR has nothing on these guys. A single crash, practically inevitable on race day, can change the standings for the season. A wrong tire choice and force a rider to lose by milliseconds.

We currently have three US riders on the circuit; Colin Edwards, Nicky Hayden, and Ben Spies. Granted, the Europeans take up most of the seats on the track, but this is an international sport after all. As Nicky Hayden said, which is something that I’ve asked myself often, he’s not sure why MotoGP isn’t more popular in the US… “It’s such a unique sport.”

Perhaps it’s a lack of corporate advertisers, or maybe it’s the short 45 minute race, but there’s a lack of adoption in the US. I could probably liken it to the soccer fan base, with rabid international fans and a sedate US following. Regardless of the reason, this sport is one of the riskiest and most exciting, deserving of sold out seats.

I urge anyone to challenge themselves and watch a full season. Go to a race. Read the articles. Predict an outcome. It’s addictive.

Visit Vice Magazine’s article “How to Stop Worrying and Love Motorcycle Racing.”

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