Motorcyle Movie Lust

I’m sure I can speak for my motorcycle riding peers when I say that we live for bike scenes in a film. It doesn’t quite matter how good or bad the film is, if the chase scene is exciting enough, it’ll get five stars from us.

My first lucid memory of a film’s bike scene was the same as most people my age; Tron’s prescient light cycles. Ok, so maybe not the most accurate representation of our two-wheeled loves, but enough to spark an interest and life-long love of riding.

A friend of mine posted this video today of a behind the scenes look at the new James Bond installment, Skyfall. The scenes were choreographed by the incredible Gary Powell and the bikes used were the ridiculously fun Honda CRF250R motorcycles. Rarely do you get such an in depth view from both the choreographer and the stunt man. This particular scene takes place on the rooftop of Istanbul and makes it clear the danger involved in filming these. That said, I’d do it.


I’m sure I this list can go on and on, and please add to the list in the comments box, but here are a couple of my favorites:

Trinity’s epic chase scene in the Matrix Reloaded on a Ducati 996

Batman – The Dark Knight on a, well, Batcycle

Steve McQueen in the Great Escape on the Triumph TR6

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