Moto Louda is Looking Officially Official

moto louda banner

What good is a fundraising experience without some amazing graphics? Thanks to Surface Under Fire for helping to sponsor my ride to Africa with Riders for Health, and designing some incredible logos and graphics for it.

It’s an incredibly thoughtful design, communicating all the things that are important about this fundraising venture; the urgent need for attention to Africa’s lack of access to health care, but also the love of the sport of motorcycling.

In the next few weeks, we’ll be printing these posters (below), which will be available for purchase, all proceeds benefiting Riders. They’ll be limited edition screen prints, with cost and details to come. Seems like a pretty great piece of art to put on your wall, doesn’t it?

Moto Louda Poster

These might also turn into decals, too. In the meantime, please feel free to share these as social media badges and link back to the site. We can spread the word fashionably!

Moto Louda Badges

I’m really excited about the design, and it makes this trip feel even more official. Even more exciting, the Moto Louda logo text will be represented on the back of my jersey for the ride, along all my current ride sponsors.

Thanks again, Surface Under Fire!

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