Twist and Throttle

Twist Destination App for your phone

On my way stuck in traffic getting to the Bay Bridge to the East Bay to visit my Dad, I saw an incredibly large ad on the side of a building for an app named Twist. Just to be clear, I’m not very susceptible to advertising, having worked in it for 15 years. I downloaded the app (no, I was not driving) and gave it a shot. It located my position on the map, and it promptly sent him a text message to track my progress online.

I quickly forgot about this app, as I do with most of them. Let’s be honest, they’re almost all throwaways. A few weeks later, my partner told me about an evening she had wondered if I had died on my way home from a bike accident (I was probably only half an hour later than usual) . There are very real dangers on my daily commute, and I quickly adopted the use of this app to help put the mind of my family at ease.

Every time I get on the motorcycle, I send her a “Twist.” The application locates your position on the map, along with  your intended destination, and calculates the amount of time it will take to get there. Sure, we could get into a conversation about Big Brother and sticking it to the man, but the usefulness outweighs the cons for me in this particular scenario. If, part-way  home I’m suddenly no longer moving, the recipient of the Twist can see that. If I’m just stopping for an errand, I’ll text her so she knows I’m not in an accident.

Schedule a TwistTwist App Notification

I doubt this was the original intention of the app, but to me, this has become another safety device. I put on my gear, I check my bike to make sure everything is in proper working order, and I send a Twist and put my phone in my pocket.

Additionally, it gives someone an ETA when you’re walking or on public transportation. Sounds like a good option when you have to meet someone for dinner. It’s also free, and who doesn’t like free?

Any useful apps you’ve used while on or off the bike? Comment below.

Note: This in no way is an advertisement for this product. This is simply a useful tool that has elevated the comfort level of my family while I’m riding. If they are comfortable, I get to ride more.

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