Girl in a Hot Dog Costume Funds Moto Louda

Hot Dog Girl

Moto Louda’s drawing of the Hot Dog Girl


You may ask yourself, “why is there an incredibly good drawing of a girl in a hot dog costume on Moto Louda’s blog?” You may even ask yourself “how is it possible that Moto Louda can be such a talented artist?

Well readers, this post is in homage to the lady who has donated not only the largest sum of money to my Rider’s for Health trip, but the remaining amount of money that I needed to actually go on the trip. I figured that she needed to have a drawing of her made, as well as a dedicated blog posting to her complete awesome-ness.

I’m not sure she wants to be named, so we’ll just refer to her as the Amazing Hot Dog Lady for now.

I should probably let you know that I didn’t just decide to put her inside of a hot dog. This lady actually likes to dress up like one every Halloween (and other festive occasions). Really, after seeing her in this get up more than once, I don’t understand why more people don’t wear this costume.

In addition to her portrait drawing and blog posting, you may want to keep your eyes peeled for more images of this dear friend of mine. Who knows, she may pop up here and there.

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