New Glasses and Why That’s Important

VisionSpring Free Eye Exam

I somewhat selfishly decided to buy an affordable new pair of glasses for my Riders for Health trip, originally due to the fact that I didn’t want to lose or ruin my expensive daily ones that I affectionately call “The Ladykillers.” I recently purchased some prescription sunglasses from Warby Parker and figured I’d do the same for the newbie spectacles. I also remembered that they are a purpose-driven corporation, which always helps when making a purchasing decision.

After doing some reading about their do-gooding, I pulled the trigger and did a home try-on before making my big decision. It made sense that I’d wear glasses from a company that supports developing countries on a trip that holds similar principles.


Warby Parker Home Try-on Kit

My home try-on options from Warby Parker

Granted, the comparison can seem a bit loose at first, but the motivation of both organizations is the same; to give people access to medical care/supplies that otherwise wouldn’t have it. According to the Warby Parker website, they’ve donated 500,000 glasses worldwide, which I can only assume has grown a bit by this time. Additionally, they partner with VisionSpring, a… wait for it… motorcycle mobile eyecare unit that travels through India providing free exams and try-ons for those who need it. (Not such a loose connection anymore, right?)


VisionSpring Motorcycle Eyecare Unit

The mobile eyecare unit drives through town announcing their arrival. The next day, villagers are lined up to receive their free eye exams.

So now we have an easy solution to a difficult problem, mobilizing healthcare and improving quality of life.


Eye Tests by VisionSpring in India

A man receives an eye test after hearing the announcement

Elderly woman sees clearly for the first time

A woman sees clearly after receiving her new glasses

VisionSpring also operates in El Salvador, and their mission is not only to enhance the vision of millions of people, but to create “vision entrepreneurs” in these developing nations, creating a career path and an opportunity for people to make positive changes within their community.

At the end of the day, this small purchase I made to clear up my vision during my trip to Zambia, stretched further out than I originally anticipated. Of course, making the motorcycle connection further made it a no-brainer. It feels good knowing I’ll be wearing these on my trip, and let’s be honest, they look mighty fine on me.


Warby Parker - Nedwin Summer Green

It all started with these (named the X-Ray Spectacles)…

[photo sources: Warby Parker/VisionSpring]

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