La Motocyclette Issue 2

La Motocyclette

Passion-based design boutique C C O O L L has just launched their 2nd print issue of La Motocyclette, an independent magazine featuring articles and images of emerging female riders and racers. I’m proud to say that not only are two of my racer pals (Kari Cashen and Shelina Moreda) featured in it this issue, but you might catch a quick glimpse of yours truly.

It’s clear that the images and layout are a priority for this product, appealing to perhaps an emerging young and artistic market, but there’s also great value in highlighting an often overlooked segment in motorcycling: women.

Aside from some transcription errors in my interview, it was a fun piece to do and I hope that I can collaborate a bit more on these types of women-empowering projects.


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