The London Stopover

My load for Africa

Most of you know that I’ve begun the trip to Zambia, but you probably weren’t aware of my extended layover in London. When I planned the trip, I realized there was only an hour difference in time between the two places. It made sense to me that jumping on a motorcycle directly off a plane may not be the greatest idea, plus this was a great excuse to visit some friends.

I’m happy to say that I’m successfully battling my jet lag while enjoying some much needed friend time. As an additional note, lugging my gear around sucks pants.


St. Paul's Cathedral

Great day with Dena at St. Paul’s Cathedral

Trafalgar Square Blue Cock

Trafalgar Square

Mason Lodge

Mason Lodge

Malaria Pill

First Malaria Pill of the trip!

Kate and I at Simmon's Bar

Kate and I at Simmon’s Bar

Motorbike park

Parking parks for motorbikes

Millennium Bridge

London Bridge from Millenium Bridge

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