Alta Motors Electric MX and SM Redshift Motorcycles

Alta Motors Electric Redshift MX Motorcycle

Alta Motors Electric Redshift SM Motorcycle

Last night I attended the regular shoptails party with A&R Editor, Jensen Beeler. We had a chance to feast our eyes on the Alta Motors bikes while feasting on pizza.

Alta Motors, formerly known as BRD, is bringing two all electric bikes to market with their Redshift line. In the near (ish) future you’ll see both an SM and a MX model, which they claim to be “barely legal.” Perhaps one of the best things about this bike, is that is a San Francisco local, both in conception and manufacturing.

I cannot WAIT to ride these!

Here’s a few artsy fartsy shots from the party, and click on over to the Alta website from the links above to drool over all the bike details.

alta_motors_redshift_mx  alta_motors_redshift_mx_asphalt_rubber  alta_motors_redshift_mx_battery_detail  alta_motors_redshift_mx_front  alta_motors_redshift_side_panel_detail

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