Experience Africa

This year I’ll be focused on raising funds for Experience Africa, a motorcycle trip through Zambia which helps Riders for Health, through monetary donations and additional visibility to their organization.

To make a donation, contact me directly on my Facebook page below. I will also be throwing several fundraisers and have several raffle items from Dainese, AGV, Shannon Archuleta Tattoo, Emergence Healing Arts Studio, and more.

I’ll be updating this blog with updates on the fundraiser, so check back.


I Support Moto Louda – A Photo Project for Africa

Moto Louda is Looking Officially Official

St. Valentino’s Day Bingo Fundraiser

Read about Nicky Hayden’s visit to the Dainese D-Store San Francisco, and the success of the Riders for Health fundraiser

Announced – June 27th will be the Orange County Fundraiser at the Dainese D-Store

The Orange County Fundraiser was a Great Success!

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